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Water. Harmony. Nature

 Active Water Technology

  • Restores the original hexagonal structure of water molecules.
  • Increases the weight and vigour of plants.
  • Accelerates the growth of plants.
  • Removes limescale from the systems.
  • Prolongs the freshness of natural products.
  • Has anti-bacterial properties.
  • Increases water absorption.
  • Increases solubility.
  • Active water heats up faster and loses heat slower.

 What is the structure of the water:

     In the process of freezing the water molecules combine with one another to form a crystal nucleus. When the nucleus grows in a stable, continuous manner, it takes the shape of a hexagon and turns into a distinct crystal. If the information encoded in water is not natural, the crystal is incomplete or does not form at all.

Impaired molecular structure of the crystal

The hexagonal structure of water


The Structure after using Active Water

Active Water Technology

The device restoring the original structure of water as the ancient mother-nature had it, water activator- Active Water.

      At a temperature of 30-45oC the water structure becomes so flexible that water molecules can form different compositions. This is the temperature reached by water in warm-blooded organisms (including the human body) This ensures their proper functioning. Watching the water freeze, the Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto from I.H.M. General Research Institute in Tokyo, discovered that water samples which had been previously subjected to different stimuli formed different crystals. As if they were able to remember signals from outside: radiation, sounds, music, words, and even emotions.

      The same happens to the water present in our body and the water from the mains, which, before it reaches our homes, is subjected to a purification process and a chemical "treatment". All of these destroy its natural structure. This is the reason why the tap water freezes into amorphous clusters of ice and does not form crystals.

     The water activator, commonly called "Active Water" would not have been of any use some 150 years ago because then the water still had its original structure, not yet damaged by man.

     Studies show that the whole stock of drinking water in the world, i.e. 0.3%, up to 99% has disturbed or damaged structure. Active Water Technology is the answer to this situation.


The principle of operation of Active Water

Active Water technology is a maintenance-free device that does not require an additional power supply. It  involves the effect of the model water on the tap water which goes through it, restoring its original hexagonal molecular structure.


Active Water

Water systems: models and installation

     The activator should be installed at the entrance to the hydraulic system - mounted behind the water meter, thus increasing its effect on the whole hydraulic system of the building. Activator mounted behind the tap, or just before it, significantly reduces its effectiveness and is not accepted by the manufacturer as the correct installation. The size of the activator should be adjusted to the diameter of the water pipe, according to the Manufacturer's instructions.


  1. ¾-inch in case of industries (large-sizes companies and production plants)
  2. 1-inch in case of industries (large-sized companies and production plants)
  3. 2-inch in case of industries (large manufacturing plants)
  4. 3-inch in case of industries (large production plants)
  5.  4-inch in case of industries (large production plants)


Latest design improvements in our TAW activators improved their efficiency.

Hence we have replaced the 1/2" activator with a 3/4" version.

Active Water dedicated for water systems

Active Water

Heating systems: models and installation

     The activator should be installed in a closed circuit “on return” or just before the heating furnace in a place where the water has the lowest temperature. Mounting the activator in a different place than indicated by the Manufacturer cannot be accepted as the correct installation of the device. The size of the activator should be adjusted to the diameter of the pipe, according to the Manufacturer's instructions.


  1. ¾-inch for industries
  2. 1-inch for industries
  3. 2-inch for industries
  4. 3-inch for industries
  5. 4-inch for industries
  6. Larger devices are manufactured on request

Active Water dedicated for heating systems