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Water. Harmony. Nature

 Active Water technology in the mini version

Active Mug (see for yourself how the Active Water Technology works)


We are happy to present the Active Mug changing the structure of water.  If you are wondering whether this is not yet another attempt to launch some product with allegedly miraculous properties just to earn money, we propose a deeper immersion in the underestimated world of nature.


Since the emergence of industry and littering the world with its waste and by human interference in all aspects of nature, the water on the earth has been constantly losing its natural properties. At the end of the twentieth century many researchers and scientists around the world came to the conclusion that water is composed of supermolecules, so called clusters, with a hexagonal structure. This structure changes when water is subjected to a specific interaction. Through this interaction, water molecules are able to restructure and thus store any information. The phenomenon of structural memory allows water to absorb, store and exchange data with the surrounding environment. This is done through a mechanism in the form of electromagnetic matrix. This is the basic premise and, at the same time, the core of ACTIVE WATER Technology that you are experiencing.


Inner complex structure of water is responsible for its properties, and thus, it is also a determinant of its quality. Two samples of water - chemically identical - may have different physical and biological properties. It seems that one kind of water may behave differently in one organism than in the other, although it consists of the same components. The generally accepted assessment of drinking water,  the very structure of water is not given due importance yet.


The water itself has an immune system. The keynote of ACTIVE WATER Technology is to increase the ability of self-cleaning and restoration of the natural resistance of water by improving its structure. Its consequence is creation of a stable immune system within it.


 Today, many food manufacturers use the concept of nature, attributing its properties to their products. Even marketing plastic bottles, producing toxic waste, they claim that it operates in accordance with the laws of nature.

More and more widespread trend of drinking tap water, well reflects the idea of activating each water drop that enters the body. The living creature has its own immunity. It is maintained as long as it is provided with healthy and strong water. ACTIVE WATER Technology introduces the correct information into the body, restoring the natural balance and activating it from the inside.

ACTIVE MUG  is not just a cup !!!!

Drinking active water strengthens memory, prevents many diseases, strengthen the psychophysical human capacity, and this kind of water is able to saturate much better active biomolecules of the body and more actively reacts with biological and mineral components of the body.         


Active Mug works through the use of ACTIVE WATER Technology. Making the most of the energy of nature, the specially developed model of water, located inside the double walls of the mug affects the mug’s content. The Mug activates (restructures) all types of liquids that will be poured into it. It is specially recommended for drinking water. The time required for the activation is just a few seconds.

                                            woda z wodociagu.jpg                                                                      woda po zasstosowaniu technologii Active Water.JPG                                                     

                                    (Tap water does not form a crystal)                                                               (Water crystal after pouring into Active Mug)



  • Drinking water and other beverages
  • Preparing meals - soups, juices, compotes, sauces, stocks
  • Preparing herbal infusions - enhances the effects of herbs
  • Watering plants
  • Washing products before consumption


CHANGES INSIDE THE BODY - according to prof. Mu Shik Jhon – effects of drinking structured water on various ailments and diseases and its other advantages are as follows:


•       improved capacity of oxygen and nutrients transmission to the cells and removal of waste substances from the cells,

•       improved blood oxygenation,

•       stabilization of cardiac function,

•       preventing errors during DNA replication, as unstructured water increases the possibility of the occurrence of such errors leading to the formation of cell division conducive to the development of cancer,

•       hexagonal water is the main source of energy for all organisms - this is particularly important for high performance and exercise capacity in heavy physical work or during high-performance sports,

•       improved absorption of nutrients,

•       increased power of the immune system,

•       improved hydration, or surrounding substances by water molecules and thus improved dissolution and absorption of these substances into the body,

•       increased resistance to diseases, because majority of illnesses is associated with chronic dehydration,

•       preventing skin dryness, acne, psoriasis, and wrinkles,

•       prevention of constipation and better colon cleansing from toxins through their better dissolution and leaching,

•       preventing formation of "bad" LDL cholesterol and accumulation of products of its oxidation on the walls of the blood vessels (problems with cholesterol arise largely due to latent dehydration),

•       reducing high cholesterol and high blood pressure,

•       probably one of the most important factors contributing to the reduction of body weight (preventing obesity); each program for weight loss should be based on drinking structured water,

•       lack of supply in the hexagonal water contributes to the growth of adipose tissue and its turning into the collection of toxins and acidic waste leading to the formation of cellulite,

•       improved purification process of the liver, blood and kidney

•       fighting fatigue by providing additional portions of energy,

•       dissolving and removing any excess salt from the body,

•       improved health of diabetics and reduction of the need for insulin,

•       prevention of allergy and asthma - regular and frequent drinking hexagonal water should be the primary responsibility of allergy sufferers and asthmatics,

•       fighting stress by reducing the emotional tension,

•       improving blood pH and all its organs (regulation of acid-base balance).


The full therapeutic and prophylactic effectiveness of active water and beverages is achieved by their regular consumption for a long time drinking three times a day.


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