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Water. Harmony. Nature

Active Water Technology in Aqua Parks, Pools, SPAs 

An ideal place to use active water are swimming pools. Swimming in the active water is described as softer and more pleasing. Such water feels more 

velvety and after leaving the pool you feel better, more relaxed and well-rested.

Application of Active Water Technology in the swimming pool complex


  • The natural self-cleaning properties, mainly due to the reduced amount of chlorine
  • Reduced amount of chlorine
  • Increased enjoyment through the feeling the softness of the water
  • Reduced consumption of detergents
  • Minimizing the characteristic smell and taste

Among the many benefits of bathing in the active water it is worth mentioning the improved comfort of children and infants during their bath. Their delicate skin is not irritated, water stays warm longer and for the baby the bathing feels like a return to the safe womb. It creates a space for special trust and contact with a parent.

Thanks to the natural properties of the active water it is clear and very clean. It causes no skin and eyes irritation.

After activating the entire water circuit in the pool, the water heats up faster and stays warm longer, as a result the electricity bills are much lower.