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Water. Harmony. Nature

ACTIVE WATER Technology in your home, a perfect harmony and balance in your own environment. The vast range of applications gives a sense of overall satisfaction, contributes to the health and physical and mental activity.


DRINKING the active water

In recent years, an increasing number of people drink water from the tap. Even 20 years ago, the water contains too much chlorine, iron ore, lead, nitrates, and organic compounds. You could feel discomfort in the shower and tea did not taste good, emitting an unpleasant odor. In Scandinavia, for years people have drunk tap water, preferring it to that from plastic bottles. The tap water in Poland  meets Polish chemical, microbiological, physicochemical norms; it varies in taste, smell and hardness depending on the region. Many families enjoy the benefits of tap water, but even more fall prey to the advertising campaigns, promoting water from plastic bottles. Selling bottled water is a powerful business and the purpose of advertising is to confirm our belief that only the bottled water is healthy and safe. Believing in its health-promoting properties, do not read the labels, do not realize that after opening the bottle the water should be consumed within a few hours. Otherwise we risk drinking compounds which have been rinsed from the plastic, e.g. phthalates.

The complex inner structure of water is responsible for its properties, and thus, it is also a determinant of its quality. Two samples of water - chemically identical - may have different physical and biological properties. It seems that one kind of water may behave differently in one organism than in the other, although it consists of the same components. The generally accepted assessment of drinkable water, the very structure of water is not given due importance yet.

The water itself has an immune system. The keynote of ACTIVE WATER Technology is to increase the ability of self-cleaning and restoration of the natural resistance of water by improving its structure. Its consequence is creation of a stable immune system within it.

Users of ACTIVE WATER Technology claim that drinking water has a soothing effect and strengthens natural resistance, causes vitality, has a cleansing effect. ACTIVE WATER Technology is aimed at people who are aware of the natural properties of water, wishing to enjoy the health and physical activity for many years.





Active water flowing from the tap guarantees the purity of the washed fruits and vegetables, which retain their freshness, flavour, smell and colour. Dishes prepared with the active water have a better taste. Soup, compote, juice, sauces – more intensively absorb water acquiring a more distinct taste. Herbal infusions, tea, coffee react better in a natural way, intensifying the nutritional and healthy properties. Four products, like pizza dough and other dishes where water is added, absorb the water better, and their taste becomes deeper and more distinct. The amount of spices is smaller due to the improved dissolution properties. Ice cubes and tinctures based on active water mean a natural symbiosis aa well as the their full and natural absorption by the body.





Contact with the active water in the bath improves mood. It is a natural soothing effect, without irritation, excessive tension and dryness of the skin. The water absorbs more intensely, is more responsive cosmetics, itself being a natural, refreshing means of body care. Especially women will appreciate the advantages of ACTIVE WATER Technology. The effect of the bath will be enhanced with a natural sense of inner strength and energy.







ACTIVE WATER Technology means better dissolving properties, which translates into effect in the hotel laundry rooms and  kitchen dishwashers. You will observe reduction in the amount of detergents used and will be able to start using much milder detergents. Turning the appliances into the BIO program saves electricity, water, chemicals, while protecting the equipment, skin and the environment. Dishes and laundry are shiny and clean.





Closed circuit of the heating system creates conditions for the growth of bacteria, biological sludge film, unnatural water pollution. This results in the deposition of sediments, silting of pipes. The water flow is impeded, the pressure drops, air is trapped in the pipes, valves and hoses are clogged. Adjustability deteriorates, the thermal efficiency decreases and there is an increase in the energy consumption.


ACTIVE WATER technology makes it possible to halt the process of silting, slows down the process of corrosion. Polluted and bad smelling water, regains its clarity and becomes odorless. It improves transport of heat and the safety of use of the heating system by optimizing its performance. The result is a reduction in the use and maintenance costs. The room temperature can be reduced because the sensation of warmth rises. It is estimated that a drop in temperature by 1oC allows saving approx. 6% of energy. In the pipe system of the floor heating and radiators circulates clean and clear water, automatically preventing pollution.


There is a natural, strong relationship between water and air. One comprises the second and the water contained in the air is heated  by the wall and floor heaters. The activated and lively water is perceived by the users of ACTIVE WATER Technology in contact with the heat. Climate and temperature of the interior is very pleasing and cozy, and the heat is described as penetrating and comfortable. Apartment or house is a friendly place, in which the heating water is full of life and energy.


In all home appliances the users of ACTIVE WATER Technology initially observed reduction and ultimately total disappearance of limescale. Activation of this system cannot create the limescale on the bathroom fittings, in washing machines, dishwashers, baths and showers. This greatly simplifies the maintenance of high standards of cleanliness, reduces costs and time associated with the use of chemical cleaners. This gives you a great sense of comfort and satisfaction.



Plants reacts in a unique way to the healed water. Watering flowers and plants with the potent water, rich in energy and vitality results in a visible improvement in their overall condition, as well as their rapid growth, intense colour, and magnificent flowers. In many households there are plants that, for unknown reasons, will not grow. Water them with the water from your own tap, after having activated the system, and the plants will reciprocate by intense growth and excellent condition.


ACTIVE WATER Technology supports the biological balance in the backyard ponds and ornamental ponds. By strengthening the process of self-purification, these water bodies will become more resistant to pollution, will regenerate themselves naturally and as a result the water will become full of life, transparent and clear.



ACTIVE WATER Technology is ideal, because it naturally enriches the water in your home. Connected to a delivery system activates every water drop that comes into contact with it. ACTIVE WATER Technology is completely maintenance-free and service-free, it is based solely on the power of nature. Once installed the device will be used for years and you will benefit from the water of the highest standards.

Just mount the device at the entrance to the water system, so that the whole system could be successfully revived. You can do it yourself, because the installation is easy and requires no special qualifications.








ACTIVE WATER Technology saves energy, chemicals, detergents, costs of purchase of bottled water and the overall water consumption.