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Water. Harmony. Nature

Active Water Technology in hotels

Apply Active Water Technology in the water system of the hotel or SPA complex and you will see how the natural and soft water affects yours guests. Drinking or taking a bath in the active water has a soothing and energizing effect on the whole body.

Nowadays there is an increasing trend to drink tap water after activating it. This brings relief and has a natural, energizing effect on the whole body. Wide applications of Active Water Technology range from baths and showers to swimming pools to the heating systems.

In addition to the visible effects of  Active Water Technology, an important issue for any hotel is the circulation of water in the entire complex. Clean pipes, clear water, no colonies of algae and bacteria aa well as limescale and corrosion are just a few of the advantages of the use of the active water. See the tab "heating and cooling industry" to learn more.