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Water. Harmony. Nature

Active Water Technology in bakeries and mills.

Active Water Technologies restores the original structure of water, which in baking affects both the technological process and 


equipment used in the industry.

1. In the hydraulic system, furnaces, evaporators, and fermenter there is much less limescale deposited

2. Heating the water used in the baking process is much faster, which allows the reduction of costs incurred to obtain the proper temperature.

3. The technology Active Water increases the solvent properties of water resulting in controlled reduction of the amount of flour while baking the same amount of bread.

As the result of application of the technology, the bread has a smoother and more springy crumb, reproducibility of the product is much better, fermentation becomes much shorter and is more "profound", there are fewer technical shortcomings and it is possible to reduce the amount of added yeast.

Andrzej Wolanin, bakery Koszykowa Malbork

Trade magazine

Bake & Sweet, November 2014, the article in the section on New Technology " Active Water Technology "