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Water. Harmony. Nature

Active Water Technology in Production.

  • Soft drinks, juices
  • Alcoholic beverages, beer
  • Preservation of vegetables, salads
  • Food - cheese, milk, gingerbread, chocolate
  • Natural leather
  • Clothing industry

Various areas of the industry, such as production of food, medical technology, traditional sectors (dairy) and modern technologies, steel industry, service sector, communications and the media can all benefit from the use of Active Water Technology. The investment returns within a few weeks or months, and the results can be surprising. The result is reduced energy consumption, savings on maintenance work and cleaning water systems and reservoirs and significantly reduced use of chemicals. Application of Active Water Technology leads to savings with a clear positive impact on the overall performance of the company. In addition to reducing costs and improving its own technology, the use of Active Water Technology helps to care for the environment and improves the image of the company, as ecological and environment-friendly.


Soft drinks, juices

Application of Active Water Technology in the production of juices naturally absorbs water, extracting the nutrients and most precious ingredients from fruits. The result is an aromatic and rich in vitamins drink, free of pesticides and chemicals. Regardless of the production technology, the active water brings tangible benefits in the form of savings on components, sugar, dyes and improved quality of the final product.


Alcoholic beverages, beer

Extensive use of Active Water perfects the process of distillation and filtration. The active water in the water system of the brewery, distillery or winery will improve the quality and taste of the final product.


Active Water Technology in the alcohol industry means a natural cleanliness of pipes, tanks and pumps and thus less means needed to purity the water. No bacteria and harmful deposits will affect the water purity, which is an essential requirement for maintaining the high quality standards. Alcoholic beverages with active water have an excellent quality and taste. Active water will add a deep crystal colour, most satisfactory taste, and most importantly, reproducibility of products.


Preservation of vegetables, salads

The basic requirement of preservation is sterility and cleanliness. With Active Water Technology there is the natural reduction of contamination in the form of colonies of algae, corrosion, or limescale deposits. With the increased efficiency of pumps, rust disappears, exchange of the equipment and cleaning works are carried out less frequently. This ensures reduced consumption of chemicals, limited maintenance works and decreased consumption of fresh water and electricity.


Food - cheese, milk, gingerbread

Active Water Technology is primarily the active water in the dough, which is the basis for many areas of the food industry. In the production of e.g. gingerbread, the dough is left to mature for a very long time and the quality control becomes difficult. Thanks to the active water the dough is always fresh, the fermentation processes runs smoothly and the consistency stays ideal.

In the dairy industry Active Water Technology means clean pipes and valves which were previously plagued with sediment and rust. Active water in an entirely natural way perfectly cleanses many-kilometer pipelines and the expensive valves. The excellent quality of water is the basic requirement of the modern dairy. The typical problem of the settlement of  limescale deposited in cooling towers, water pipes or boilers can be solved by the use of natural methods of the active water. In the process of pasteurization, which consumes huge amounts of steam, Active Water Technology provides a perfect purity in boilers free of corrosion and limescale, which reduces the need to use chemicals. All these factors add up to saving money on maintenance, servicing, chemicals and equipment replacement.

Clothing industry

An important element in the production of clothing is well-functioning mangling and ironing machines, which constantly need steam supply. They are vulnerable to corrosion and bacterial colonies that inhibit the storage tanks and heaters. Active Water Technology can contribute to the overall reduction of sludge, corrosion and the surface of the mangling machine remains smooth and shiny. Filter and pressure nozzles, and strainers remain tight and work flawlessly.

Trade magazine


Food Industry, November 2014, "New Technologies:  Active Water Technology "

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