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Water. Harmony. Nature

Active Water Technology in the heating and cooling industry.

All heating and cooling systems experience similar problems – corrosion, limescale, bacteria, allowing air, mud and slime, biofilms, colonies of algae, all of which prevent and disrupt the proper functioning of the heat exchange between the water supply lines. This requires constant maintenance works, as well as huge expenditure on chemicals. Active Water Technology in the heating system means supported protection of the valves and pipes. No sediment and patency of radiators, full capacity of each drop, lack of the specific odour and thus a significant reduction in costs.

Naturally, the possibility of slum formation is reduced, as is the development of fungi, deposits and occlusions; microbiological stabilization eliminates the possibility of gas generation.

The active water in the pipeline also means a lack of corrosion; the water is clear and transparent.

An important feature of the application for Active Water Technology is the natural ability to heat up faster and longer retain the temperature. The water in the cooling system is cold, in the heating  system it stays hot longer. This guarantees tremendous energy savings !!!


Active Water Technology means an increased safety of the system, protection of technical equipment, optimization of operating parameters, the overall improvement of the effectiveness of the devices.

Trade magazine 

Food Industry, November 2014, "New Technologies:  Active Water Technology "

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