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Active Water Technology for health



Contact with active water can bring a lot of tangible benefits for the body. Those who appreciate the relationship between the consumed fluids and the health, should immediately notice the symbiosis of the active water with the organism. Any contact with the technology of Active Water whether it is a bath, direct consumption or neck container, may improve the overall well-being.

The tests conducted by HarmonyH2O show that thanks to drinking active water overweight people could lose a few pounds in a natural way and without any harm to the body.

Active water primarily means more natural energy for cells and tissues and thus acquisition of natural, and not artificially produced immunity. Viruses, bacteria, free radicals cannot access the organism as easily as before.

We observed an improvement or complete removal of ailments such as allergies, painful joints, pain in the spine, rash, arthritic pain, better blood circulation in the legs, stabilized blood pressure.

The natural consequence is a general improvement in well-being, returning vitality, resistance to fatigue.

Certainly it should not be forgotten that the individual contact with the active water can bring different results to each person, and Active Water Technology should not be treated as a panacea for all ailments.

Herbs in combination with the active water are 10 times more potent thus more effective.

CHANGES IN THE BODY - according to prof. Mu Shik Jhon - drinking structured water affects various ailments and diseases and its other advantages are as follows:

  • improved capacity of carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells and removal of waste substances from the cells,
  • improved oxygenation of the blood,
  • stabilization of cardiac function,
  • prevention of errors during DNA replication, as unstructured water increases the possibility of the occurrence of such errors in cell division conducive to the development of cancer,
  • hexagonal water is the main source of energy for all organs - this is particularly important for high performance and physical endurance while performing heavy physical work or while practicing competitive sports,
  • improvement of nutrient absorption,
  • increased power of the immune system,
  • improved hydration, or wrapping material by water molecules and thus improved dissolution and absorption of these substances by the organism,
  • increase in the body resistance to diseases, since majority of diseases stem from chronic dehydration,
  • prevention of dry skin, acne, psoriasis, wrinkles,
  • preventing constipation and colon cleansing of deposits through their better dissolution and leaching,
  • preventing the formation of "bad" LDL cholesterol and the accumulation of oxidation products on the walls of the blood vessels (cholesterol problems arise largely from latent dehydration)
  • reducing the high cholesterol level and high blood pressure,
  • probably one of the most important factors contributing to the reduction of body weight (preventing obesity); each program aiming at weight loss should be based on drinking structured water,
  • lack of supply of the hexagonal water to the body contributes to the growth of adipose tissue and its turning into a reservoir of toxins and acidic waste leading to the formation of cellulite,
  • improvement of the purification process of the liver, blood and kidneys,
  • counteracting fatigue by providing additional portions of energy,
  • dissolving and removing excess of salt from the body,
  • improving the health of diabetics and reducing the need for insulin,
  • prevention of allergy and asthma - regular and frequent drinking hexagonal water should be the primary responsibility of allergy sufferers and asthmatics,
  • counteracting stress by reducing the emotional tension
  • improvement in blood pH and all organs (regulation of acid-base balance).


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