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Water. Harmony. Nature

Laboratory of the water structureMikroskop astruktura

Water is our passion, we make sure that in our environment it is always healthy.

 It requires no further explanation - sound quality means “perfect”. From a qualitative point of view, the structure of water is much more important than its chemical composition. Even vastly improving the chemical composition of water, we will never be able to restore its original and natural structure. But after the natural structure of water has been restored- the chemical composition will slowly return to balance!

Important here is the fact that the structure of the crystal of water always proves its quality.


Our company specializes in restoring the natural structure of water. It finds its application to the water in natural lakes, breeding ponds and drinking water intakes.

Only 0.3% of water throughout the world is suitable for drinking. Since the increased expansion of industry, it has been systematically contaminated. Currently, up to 99% of water has impaired or deformed structure!

       woda z wodociagu.jpg                                             woda po zasstosowaniu technologii Active Water.JPG    

Water from the mains with the impaired structure.                                               Tap water after application of Active Water Technology


If you have doubts about the quality of your water, or you think that the water you have is healthy, then let us check it out.

If you have a problem with your water ,e.g. it is cloudy and produces a metallic deposit, and the fish looks like poisoned - please contact us and we will quickly assess what can be done to eliminate the problem.

We have an innovative technology to match the standards of the 22th century.

We will study the samples of your water in our specialized laboratory to see how we can help. We will test the structure of water using a unique research method and on the basis of these findings, we will develop an individual method and develop solutions to implement so that the water returns to its natural balance and regains its original strength. We will use the latest technology and will adjust expert systems based on the technology of "Active Water".