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Water. Harmony. Nature


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  • Water is not only H2O, water has its structure.
  • Water is the only substance that has three forms, solid, liquid and gas.
  • Water is the only substance that expands under the influence of low temperatures.
  • Water accounts for 70% of our planet.
  • Water constitutes 76% of our body, at birth it constitutes 93% of our body.
  • Water is 93% of our brain.
  • Fresh water: only 0.3% is suitable for drinking.
  • Water is the most important factor of life.

"Even the biggest bar of gold becomes worthless when there is no sip of water to sustain life"

The conservative fraction of researchers who conduct studies of the nature today represents the view that only what has been empirically verified and what can be repeated and performed at any time can be called valid. In case of the active water this may never be possible, because water always reacts differently. Modern research assumptions, ranging from those of Albert Einstein to the theory of chaos, tend to establish that causality (i.e., direct, completely fulfilled dependency) is applicable only to the macrocosm, but definitely not to the microcosm. To put it short, there is no final and indisputable scientific law. This means in turn the idea of ​the man ​reaching the outermost point of development, from where, in fact, there is virtually no other knowledge and no research that could, in any way, correct the existing knowledge; it can be possible at best to polish the already known mechanisms. Such a view would also be the end of the further development of humanity. Albert Einstein went so far as to believe that discovery of the last existing formula will mean the end of the world.

     However, it is possible to observe some changes in such an approach. In medicine (where so called holistic approach to the body begins to dominate, replacing the old-fashioned treatment of individual parts of the body; or homeopathic doses sometimes are applied instead of shock therapies), in agriculture (pure biological production in accordance with the phases of the moon and the old knowledge about pest control without chemicals), even in physics itself it has already been found that the sum total is more than just the sum of all unities put together. Recognition of a phenomenon as immeasurable, not classifiable, only because by today's methods it cannot be proven, is, putting it mildly, short-sighted. Who would have thought a hundred years ago that being in Europe it would be possible to talk with America, or pass words through the space, without the use of any visible cable, using a device of the size of a small pencil case called a mobile phone? To say nothing of sending images! 60 years ago anyone putting forward such suggestions would have been considered insane. Why then treat the opinion of naturalists who claim that water can collect and transfer information as something impossible and out of the question? "


  "Water is a vital element of nature, providing all living creatures with the necessary energy and responsible for the waste disposal. It supplies food and collects impurities produced by all living organisms. But where does the water take the energy from and how does it get rid of the dirt? First of all, it is supplied with the energy by rocks and minerals, which, in turn, are in resonance with planets. In nature, every source has a different kind of energy and its own unique flavor, coming from various minerals in its unrepeatable composition, and emits vibrations characteristic only for itself, and finally has the encoded information. The highest order, a regular rhythm and constant change are the principles that rule the nature. 

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What for the man is just waste or rubbish, for the nature is a high-quality nutrient. The nature knows no problem of waste, it circulates endlessly, in which water plays the most important role. It is a "living thing", which by its movements and vibrations can transform its own microorganisms into energy or waste. "

 Hans Kronberger, Siegbert Lattacher - "On the Trail of the Secret of Water"

     When our lives begin as a fetus in the mother’s womb, we consist of 99 percent of water. Shortly after birth, water accounts for 90 percent of our bodies. Then, the water content in the body keeps decreasing, and when we reach adulthood it amounts for approximately 70 percent. When a man dies of an old age, the water is approx. 50 percent of his body. In other words, through all our lives we exist primarily as water. From a point of view of physics the man is water. Once I have understood that and begun to see the world from that perspective, I could see things in a new light ...

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First, I closely looked at crystals in tap water collected in different places. Water from Tokyo proved to be disastrously bad - not even one full crystal appeared. Tap water is sanitized with chlorine, which completely destroys its natural structure. However, in the natural water, no matter where it comes from – springs, underground rivers, glaciers, upper sections of rivers  it is possible to discern see perfectly regular crystals.


The natural world is really well designed - everything is in balance. There is the sound and the listener-master, who receives all the sounds - water. Water faithfully reflects all the vibrations that reach it from the world, and gives them a form visible to the human eye.


 Massau Emoto "Secrets of Water and Its Impact on Our Planet"

Joan S. Davis, a Swiss researcher at the University of Zurich, who for nearly 30 years has been conducting research into river water, called the ground water "wise". In contrast, the water that has fallen onto the ground recently was called by her "young".

    Joan S. Davis also said: It is important for us to regain our former approach to water. In contemporary culture, this respect has disappeared. In ancient Greece water was worshiped and a lot of Greek mythology talks about water. But then came the science, which rejected these myths as unscientific. Water lost its aura of mystery and became similar to all other substances that can be purified by technical means. Sometimes we say, "Purified water is not clean." The water treated in sewage treatment plants does not create beautiful crystals. What water needs is not purification but respect.

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     The famous German surgeon, head of the department of pathology and therapeutics at the Humboldt University in Berlin, Professor Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland, at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries described in his memoirs a person, who retained his mental strength till he died, and after his death the autopsy revealed that his skull contained 312 grams of water instead of brain. How is this possible? The studies conducted since then into the structure of water slowly begin to answer this question. They have discovered that water is like a magic potion that can heal, rejuvenate and provide physical fitness and mental capacity.

     Water is a necessary component of all living organisms’ body fluids. It is involved in most metabolic reactions and  other processes occurring in the body.

0.3% of the existing water on Earth is used for consumption and at the same time it has been systematically polluted for approx. 150 years, i.e. since the onset of industry. It dissolves nitrogenous compounds, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, chlorine and its organic derivatives, fecal matter, parasites and simple organic compounds or xenobiotic compounds of non-natural structure obtained by the man. All these impurities affect the molecular structure of water compounds. The change in the structural composition of water is also affected by high pressure, temperature changes, the interaction with molecules of other elements, magnetic and electromagnetic fields and mechanical impact.

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Part of these contaminants can be eliminated through the process of filtration, ozonation and application of  appropriate chemicals. During this processing of water and affecting its molecular structure, water acquires oxidizing properties, which cause, inter alia, cancer.

The chemical and mechanical filtering process purifies the water, but does not restore its original molecular structure and the basic properties of the natural water (the living water). It is necessary to restore the water its natural structure, i.e. hexagonal arrangement, resembling a snowflake.

Combination of these properties or the filtered water with a hexagonal structure allows us to talk about clean and completely healthy water.

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