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Living water technology

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Our technology is water

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Active Tray, XL 11 cm (LW11)

obtains water 60% ortho clusters. (Standard water 100% ortho clusters).
Tray, diameter 11 cm/ 1.4 cm stainless steel
obtains water 60% ortho clusters. (Standard water 100% ortho clusters).
Tray, diameter 11 cm/ 1.4 cm stainless steel o naszej żywej wodzie.

"Living water for our planet"

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Water - how does it work?

Water - molecularly: two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. H₂O. Seemingly, it is a very simple particle. Triatomic. There are few particles smaller or lighter than it. And after hydrogen (H₂), it is the second, most common substance on the Earth.

100%satisfied customers

100% satisfied customers

GUARANTEEof a better life

GUARANTEE of a better life

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GUARANTEE of well-being

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GUARANTEE of a longer life

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Our mission

HarmonyH2O brand is a response to the deterioration of water quality in the world year by year. Our answer is the presentation of the latest Living Water Technology, which restores the natural structure of water by changing the dead water into living water. Taking into account the research of Masaru Emoto and many other outstanding specialists in the field of water, we pay special attention to the structure of water, which in our opinion is the most important. We are very close to the quality of drinking water, which we try to repair through the Living Water Technology, which has been developed by us. We are currently conducting water tests coordinated by Jacek Zdrojewski. With our mobile laboratory, we visit special places connected with water, investigating structural disturbances. In addition, we conduct experiments with planting various varieties of plants, fruits, vegetables and trees. After the last success of planting a vineyard and watering it with living water, we boldly carry out further projects. During the fermentation process, the wines were treated with the Living Water Technology, which fundamentally changed the well-known traditional wine production cycle, it seems that a new type of wine, a living wine has been obtained.

Our products: active mug, water activator, active stand, active ball have already been appreciated in our country as well as abroad. We constantly work on new technologies and implement new products. We also run a few film projects to introduce you to the world of water, we are making the film: Knowing Water and Emoto’s heirs. Furthermore, we are also preparing a book about water: “Water Says”. We will enter different areas of life with the living water, changing them thanks to the properties of the living water. See how the world around you will change thanks to the living water; start changing it today with us. Living Water is not just drinking water, Living Water is a lifestyle! We have recognized the treatment of water on our planet as our special mission.

If you have heard about an interesting place where water flows, about which legends have been told for many years or it is said to have different, strange properties, please tell us about it, we will gladly come with our laboratory and we will examine such water.