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London University  ( prof. Martin Chaplin)  Scientific materials on the structure of water


In 1984, I was cured with water from Lourdes. I was paralysed, I was on a wheelchair, and today I conduct researches on the structure of this water. Is it just a coincidence? I think about it myself.

Thirty years later, in 2013, I met dr Masaru Emoto, an outstanding specialist in the study of water structure. His research has shown that water reacts to the world around us, recognizes words, thoughts, distinguishes good from evil, recognizes our faith, and even predicts future events. Is this for sure? For the first time, I saw the structure of water from Lourdes…

I would like to go a few steps further along the trail, although I am not a scientist. The series of research conducted by us allows us to get even closer to the world of water and to understand what water wants to convey to us.

I invite you to this journey into the unknown…


The Knowing Water project is a journey with water along religions and ancient civilizations of the world. With our transportable laboratory, we visit special places in terms of water, which we subject to specialist tests. We will show the water world which is extremely fascinating. On our website, we will post the report and the results of our research.