Masaru Emoto


Meeting on 7 April 2013 From the left:
Masaru Emoto
Jacek Zdrojewski


An extraordinary meeting.

The real adventure with water in my life began after reading Masaru Emoto’s book “Mysteries of Water and its impact on the Planet” in April 2013. The messages contained there in are so improbable that it is hard to believe them. The reason suggests that it is impossible, and the heart says it is true. I decided to follow my heart.


The books by Masaru Emoto the Polish version and the original version

The book made such a huge impression on me that immediately after reading it I decided to meet Masaru Emoto personally. I asked my oldest daughter, Marta, to find him, and no matter where he was, she arranged a meeting for me. A few days later, I was sitting on the plane and I was flying on this unusual visit for me.

We met Masaru Emoto on 7 April 2013 near Frankfurt, where he had lectures. After a nice introduction, in the first words of Masaru, he asked me what I wished. I answered: “I have read your book and I would like to build a device that reads water in real time.” After these words, there was silence for a moment. “You must be kidding …? – he asked, and I answered that I was not kidding at all. Emoto only smiled and began to talk about water, and what I heard was only knowledge… The book that made a great impression on me turned out to be a small introduction to the great secrets of water. During a few-hour conversation, Emoto spoke about water, and the passion with which he did so infected me so much that from that time on I decided to take care of water and devote the rest of my life to it.


During our conversation, I told Emoto that I was setting up a winery in Poland in a month’s time. He said then: “If you do what I say, it will be the world’s first vineyard founded on living water, and the wine produced by this method will have extraordinary properties”  Vineyard founded on living water

It sounded very exciting. “And if one does not appreciate this wine in Poland, then please send to Japan, we will buy everything that will be produced,” he joked.

During the meeting, Masaru Emoto asked if I would allow to be connected to a certain device. It seemed quite intriguing to me, but I agreed and after a few minutes I was connected by his assistant to a strange small box and computer, and he put on my hands electrodes similar to those used for ECG.


After a few seconds, I heard an interesting, beautiful sound of the cello, and strange dots appeared on the computer screen. I began to wonder how I knew this music, it seemed so familiar to me… I was looking for answers in my head who is playing so nicely.


Emoto, seeing my thoughtful face, smiled at me and said: “This is your soul music and it just told me a lot… from now on what you will need, you will get from me”.

I do not conceal that I was shocked… This meeting was extremely strange, it was supposed to last 10 minutes and it lasted for many hours.

And that is how my extraordinary adventure with water began and it continues.

Jacek Zdrojewski