Ambassador of Water

Logo ambasadora wody

The title is given to people who are particularly merited to popularize healthy living water.

International education and popularization of healthy water.

Who can receive the title of the Ambassador of Water:
– companies and people involved in the education of healthy water,
– a producer who used the living water in his/her products,
– a person who has found a new application for the model water,
– a person who invented an interesting water gadget to popularize the living water.

– producers will be given permission to use the photo of the model water crystal on their products,
– the possibility of free testing of all products before placing on the market,
– obtaining a special discount for the purchase of Harmony H2O products.
and other…


Old Persian legend

Obrazek do legendy

Once, one wise elder told that the day would come when all water of the world would disappear except for the one specially stored. Another water will appear instead, but anyone who drinks it will lose his/her mind. Only one man believed in the prophecy and started to take water supplies. When the day came, all wells dried up, and the one who listened to the elder drank water from his supplies. Then again the wells and springs filled with water, the thirsty people drank it and everyone went crazy. The one who listened to the elder still drank his water and did not lose his mind. He became the only rational among the crazy, so he was called crazy. Then he poured out his old water supplies, drank new water, and lost his mind. The crazy people thought he had regained his sense…