Active Ball – 5 CM – 1 piece

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Active ball 5cm,made of copper.

obtains water 60% of the ortho clusters. (Benchmark water 100% ortho clusters)

It works on the basis of the Living Water Technology, using the full energy of nature, influencing with specially formulated model water, which is inside the tray. The tray revives (restores the natural structure) all kinds of liquids that will be poured into it, water, juice, etc. It is recommended in particular for drinking water. The time it takes to activate is 15 seconds.

Drinking living water strengthens memory, avoids many diseases, strengthens the psychophysical abilities of a human, and this water saturates the body’s biomolecules much better and reacts more actively with the biological and mineral components of the body.


  • Drinking water and other drinks
  • Preparing meals – soups, juices, compotes, sauces, brews
  • Preparing herbal infusions – strengthens the effects of herbs
  • Watering plants
  • Washing food products

CHANGES IN THE ORGANISM – according to prof. Mu Shik Jhona – due to drinking of the structured water, its influence on various types of ailments and diseases and other advantages are as follows:

  • improvement of the ability to carry oxygen and nutrients to cells and removing waste substances from them,
  • improvement of oxygenation of blood,
  • stabilization of heart function,
  • prevention of errors during DNA replication, because unstructured water increases the possibility of such errors leading to the formation of divisions of cells conducive to the formation of cancer,
  • hexagonal water is the main source of energy for all organs – it is particularly important for ensuring high efficiency and physical fitness when carrying out heavy physical works or practising competitive sports,
  • improvement of the absorption of nutrients,
  • increasing the power of the immune system,
  • improvement of hydration, that is, surrounding the substances by water molecules, and thus better dissolution and absorption of these substances into the body,
  • increase the body’s resistance to diseases, because most diseases are associated with chronic dehydration,
  • counteracting skin dryness, acne, psoriasis, wrinkles,
  • counteracting constipation and improving cleansing of the large intestine from deposits by better dissolving and washing out,
  • counteracting the formation of “bad” LDL cholesterol and the deposition of its oxidation products on the walls of blood vessels (cholesterol problems arise to a large extent on the basis of latent dehydration of the body),
  • reduction of high cholesterol and high blood pressure,
  • most probably one of the most important factors favouring weight reduction (counteracting obesity); every slimming program should be based on drinking structured water,
  • lack of supply of the body with hexagonal water contributes to the increase of fat tissue and to its transformation into a tank of toxins and acidic waste leading to the formation of cellulite,
  • improvement of the process of cleansing the liver, blood and kidneys,
  • counteracting fatigue by providing additional energy,
  • dissolving and removing any salt excess from the body,
  • improvement of health in diabetics and reducing the need for insulin,
  • prevention of allergy and asthma – regular and frequent drinking of hexagonal water should be the basic duty of allergy sufferers and asthmatics,
  • counteracting stress by reducing emotional tension,
  • improvement of pH of the blood and all of its organs (regulation of the acid-alkaline management of the body).


The full effectiveness of the therapeutic and preventive action of active water and drinks is achieved by systematically consuming them for a longer period of time by drinking 3 times a day