Active Balls 10 cm, set of 5 pieces

15 000,00 

Active Balls 10 cm, set of 5 pieces as a cartridge for Aqua Big 20” in-line filter for medium companies, greenhouses, etc.

Stainless steel, packaging – the wooden box.

It works on the basis of the Living Water Technology, using the full energy of nature, influencing with specially formulated model water, which is inside the ball. The ball revives (restores the natural structure of water).


– by far the fastest method to make living water flow throughout the facility, all you need to do is insert the Active Ball instead of a cartridge, and if you do not have such a filter, install the housing and enjoy living water throughout the facility.


Drinking living water strengthens memory, avoids many diseases, strengthens the psychophysical abilities of a human, and this water saturates the body’s biomolecules much better and reacts more actively with the biological and mineral components of the body.

If you do not have such a filter housing, we will give it to you as a gift, enter in comments “+ Aqua Big 20” filter housing”.