Alia Technology model 205 living water treatment system

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Professional system obtaining water with 95% ortho clusters. (Benchmark Water 100% ortho clusters)

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Set contains:


-System Alia 205 made of copper with rock crystals


ALIA 205


It is able to provide living water for 500 users or a small production plant.



base 205mm,

height 270mm

Weight: 8.9 kg



Installation in water installation.



Benefits for the body


Improves metabolic efficiency: * blood transports more oxygen * faster removal of waste, toxins and heavy metals from cells * better absorption of water and nutrients (super or hyper hydration)

Strengthens the immune system

Slows down the aging process thanks to cellular hydration

Strengthens the effects of taken herbs, medicines and supplements by up to 100%

Stabilizes the hormonal system

It moisturizes the skin, makes the hair healthier, soft and shiny

Increases physical performance

Reduces the effects of sunburn


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