3-stage living water treatment system “My home” 3/4″ connection

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obtains water 60% ortho clusters. (Benchmark Water 100% ortho clusters)

10″ four-stage pipe system Equipped with pressure gauges and a set of connections, made of NSF and WRAS components. Depending on the water quality, the system can be freely configured using cartridges: mechanical, specialized or carbon.

The set includes:

2 x pressure gauge,


3 x bacteriostatic centering disc.

The system is available with a connection: FHPRCL34-B-TRIPLE-3/4″ BSP The set includes: FHPRCLx-B-TRIPLE system, key, manual.

String or polypropylene filter

Coconut carbon insert

A set of 5 active 5 cm balls

made of copper Complete set, ready for installation, recommended for single-family houses.

Set dimensions:

Width 40 cm

Height 38.5 cm

Thickness 15 cm

When installing, pay attention to the direction of water flow, there are arrows in the upper part of the blue tube.

The order of inserts is consistent with the water direction: 1. polypropylene insert 2. carbon insert 3. set of 5 balls

The Active Ball works based on Living Water Technology. It makes full use of the energy of nature, interacting with specially developed reference water located inside the ball. the ball revives (restores the natural structure of water)

Drinking living water strengthens memory, helps avoid many diseases, strengthens human psychophysical abilities, and such water saturates the body’s biomolecules much better and reacts more actively with the body’s biological and mineral components.

USE: Do not heat, do not freeze, do not wash in the dishwasher, do not put in the microwave, keep away from mobile phones, computers and electromagnetic devices.