Szungit Naturalny wkład do filtra Karelia Rosja


Piece size: 1-4 cm

Split shungite for water – a naturally occurring mineral that has been used by our ancestors for millennia to improve the quality of drinking water. During this time, its properties have been tested and confirmed, and its health-promoting properties are still used today. If someone uses flint in water, they can try this unique mineral with equally good results.

Size of the lumps: 1-4 cm, weight varies depending on the size of the lumps.

Shungite is a natural filter through which we can enjoy and taste crystal clear water, as it removes all impurities from it. Among others:

heavy metals,

colloidal iron from water pipes,

nitrates and nitrites,




organochlorine compounds,

petroleum products,

viruses and bacteria.

Important note; shungite must be rinsed well in cold water many times before putting it into the tube until it does not get dirty!

A portion contains 1.2 to 1.5 kg (depending on the size of the lumps), a full tube, a contribution to the ” Moje Dom S” set, packed in bags.