Water is an ordinary substance with extraordinary possibilities…

Water is an ordinary substance in our lives.

We use it without even thinking about what an important role it plays in the work of our body.

Poor quality water can cause many diseases.

Most people do not even guess how many functions water meets in the body and how much water we need to perform these functions successfully and what a close relationship exists between the lack of water in the body and severe diseases.

Water is a unique substance that cannot be changed by anything.

Without water there is no life known to us.

Key functions of water in the body:

  • is the main source of cell energy,
  • is a cell binding substance,
  • splits and dissolves falling substances into the body, spreads them along with oxygen throughout the body,
  • provides food with the possibility to transfer energy to the body in the process of digestion,
  • increases the amount of oxygen that erythrocytes can take from the lungs to the cells, thereby improving the excretion of carbon dioxide from the cells,
  • water collects and excretes waste as well as toxic and poisonous substances from the body,
  • water combines (coordinates) brain and body functions.

If we lose at least 5% of water in our body, there will be a real threat to our health!

Impulses of water shortage are sent from the brain, which consists of water in 95%.

Lack of water in the body can cause, inter alia, fatigue without cause, nervousness, impatience, anxiety, depression, obesity, restless sleep.

Another group of symptoms is a variety of pains depending on which parts of the body are focused on non-removed acid wastes. The brain impulses then let you know that there is a shortage of water in this part of the body. There is heartburn, digestive problems, colitis, headaches, angina, arthritis, gout, pain in various parts of the body.

Water is a source of nature, without which we simply would not exist. It not only quenches thirst, but also helps everyone to stay healthy and beautiful.

Water is the fuel of our body, generates electromagnetic energy in every cell of our body, reduces fatigue, stress, anxiety, positively affects the ability to think, slows down the ageing process.

Water is the basis of health. – fights infections, cleanses the body of toxins, maintains an appropriate level of hormones, helps fight overweight. If we drink the right amount of water, the skin maintains its elasticity, hair shine, and nails durability.

Water is a natural way of protecting against diseases and a way to maintain health.


Conclusion – it is very important if we drink live or dead water.


Water – how does it work…

Water is molecularly: two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. H₂O – seemingly a very simple, triatomic particle. There are few particles smaller or lighter than it. This is the second most common substance on the Earth after hydrogen (H₂), and yet so far, although we have known its atomic composition, distribution of electrons and charges within it, we still know very little about it. The properties of water are surprising and one could say – abnormal. Its features escape all systematics, and the significance on the Earth cannot be overestimated.

We drink it (we cannot live without it), we wash in it, we fish in it, we cook in it. The relations of us, as people, with water are often complicated. As an element, it can kill in excess (flood), but we can die if there is water shortage (drought).

It results from the fact that water is a substance involved in many processes. In the liquid phase, it is a solvent for many polar substances, it participates in the formation of protein structures, it is important for the creation of nucleic acids and our cells, hydrogen bonds that slightly contribute to the structure of DNA etc. In our body, water particles are much more than any other put together. Liquid water is an essential component of life, hence the great enthusiasm when trying to find water on other planets. The places with water can support living organisms (provided always that “living” has the meaning provided by us).

The simplicity of the water molecule contradicts its behaviour on a macro scale. The molecular weight of water is 18, and in normal conditions (pressure and temperature) it is a liquid. This is the first anomaly. After all, ammonia (similar in mass NH₃ – 17) is a gas. Oxygen, molecularly heavier than water (O₂ – mass 32) is a gas, hydrogen sulphide (H₂S – molecular weight 34) is also a gas. The same applies to hydrocarbons – methane (CH₄ – mass 16) is a gas, ethane (C₂H₆ – mass 30), propane (C₃H₈ – mass 44) and butane (C₄H₁₀ – mass 58). Then why is water a liquid? And why does it behave so unusually?


Wykres temperatur topnienia w zależności od masy cząsteczkowejGraph of melting temperatures depending on molecular weight.


The above graph showing the “abnormality” of water when it comes to the melting point. Its extrapolated melting point should be almost 100K lower. The critical point of water (above which the liquid phase no longer exists, regardless of the pressure) is also much higher (647.3K) than expected from extrapolation (approximately 374K). There are definitely more of these anomalies. We have listed here some of the most important from the point of view of water in the liquid phase. There are also a number of anomalies for solid water, i.e. for ice. The solid phase of water has a lower density than liquid water. For this reason, for example, lakes do not freeze to the bottom and water creatures can survive the winter. The types of the solid phases (there are approximately 15 types of ice) and their unusual properties will not be the subject of our considerations, so I only mentioned the most important features of water in the solid phase. We deal with liquid-phase water here and we will remain here.

Where do these unusual water properties come from?



Cząsteczka h2o

First of all, because the water molecule is a dipole, where the hydrogen atoms are not in a straight line, as in CO₂, but at an angle of approximately 106°. Its asymmetric structure causes that the distribution of charges, and in fact the density of electrons, is on the side of oxygen, and their deficit on the side of hydrogen atoms. Such construction is the cause of any anomalies – directly or indirectly. This structure results in two of the most important features of the water molecule: its ability to form hydrogen bonds and the existence of its dipole moment

What are hydrogen bonds?


Wiązanie wodorowe

This bond is weak and short-lived, but it is responsible for any water anomalies. Probably, if it had not been for the “boomerang” structure of the water molecule, this bond could not arise, and therefore we can boldly put forward the thesis that life on the Earth would not exist. Let us take a look at how this small element determines the live on the Earth. The bent shape of one particle!

The hydrogen bond is the attachment of a hydrogen atom to the electrons “accumulated” on oxygen, which can be formed due to the asymmetry of a water particle. In every picosecond, a huge amount these bonds are formed and broken, which means that in fact the water particle is much larger. E.g. (H₂O)₂₈₀, meaning a cluster containing 280 water particles. The creation of clusters shows, inter alia, that water is a liquid, although in terrestrial conditions it should be a gas.

How does it happen?

When the hydrogen bond is created between two molecules of water, the electron shift somehow entitles to the formation of further bonds of this type. In this way, the entire network of interconnections between individual molecules is formed and they are relatively stable. The hydrogen bond life is from 1 to 20 ps, ​​and the break strength is 0.1 ps, so the existence of these bonds is dominant, but it turns out that their length varies considerably. There are long, straight and short bonds, “bent” bonds, and between these extremes – a whole series of intermediate bonds. The hydrogen bonds are also responsible for the formation of clusters of water and the whole structures in liquid water. The complicated nature of the hydrogen bonds implies a number of theories about their durability and strength. We must remember that the hydrogen bonds are also responsible for combining DNA strands, and those for the possibility of its replication. It is their proper power that allows the existence of entangled DNA strands, but due to their weakness in the DNA replication process, it is not necessary to provide too much energy to tear the bonds.

In the hydrogen bond, the donor/recipient pair always occurs in terms of electrons and this applies to water molecules. Due to the asymmetrical nature of the water particle, and hence the asymmetrical distribution of electrons and the occurrence of the donor/recipient system, the instability of the hydrogen bonds is apparent. In fact, these bonds are dominant and very durable. Thanks to their existence, we can also talk about the most important thing from our point of view, that is, the existence of complex, multi-walled structures of water. The formation of structures and their breakdown in liquid water is a continuous process. Due to many years of human activity, water, although it defends itself with its own immune system, will be dead water without our help, and in any case, it will be conducive to life in a limited way. We must restore its original condition so that it can give life to our planet again.

Ortho and para-clusters.

To explain the extremely important topic of ortho- and para-clusters, we must reach to quantum mechanics and from this point of view, although in simple words, describe the states of the water molecule.

Each hydrogen atom in the water molecule has a magnetic moment connected with a proton spin of ½. The proton spin can be parallel or anti-parallel, as shown in the figures below.


Orto i para klastry

When the spin is parallel, we talk about the ortho particle and the magnetic moment = 1. The spin states present in this molecule are -1, 0 and +1. When the proton spin is anti-parallel, the magnetic moment is 0 and such particles are called para. Ortho-particles are sensitive to the external magnetic field and rotate at virtually any temperature. Of course, at 0° kelvin, all particles are able to steam and only by raising the temperature we get particles in the ortho state. The para-particles do not undergo an external magnetic field and most of them do not rotate even at room temperature. Both of these states are in equilibrium liquid water and the ortho-para-particle ratio varies depending on the temperature. The existence of ortho- and para-particles also determines the possibility of determining water as living and dead. Researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences concluded that we are talking about living water when it contains ortho-clusters, and about dead water when it has the advantage of para-clusters. It would be beneficial, therefore, to shift the balance towards ortho-clusters. Incidentally, the same researchers say that when the ortho-particle predominates, this process continues until all particles change their quantum state to ortho, that is, they create “living” water.

At the same time, the ortho-particles are able to form clusters (structures) with a higher degree of density of particles, which can be seen in the change of physical parameters of water. The structures created by ortho-clusters have different heat properly (the ability to store energy in the form of kinetic energy of bonds), and the higher the density means the reduction of thermal capacity, because the number of degrees of freedom for individual bonds decreases.


Phenomenon of epitaxy in the liquid state.

Epitaxy is a well-known phenomenon in crystallography (and, in fact, in material science), which consists in transmitting the structure of the substrate to the contact medium. So, by crystallizing thin layers from the solution, we get the same structure as the substrate has. We can suspect that this phenomenon (occurring only for similar structures) is caused by weak interactions of magnetic fields. From material science, we know that often the structure of a given material determines its properties. An example involves graphite and diamond, chemically the same substance, and structurally – two completely different substances. Well, why not assume a similar situation for water particles, where standard water will be the epitaxial base? Its ortho-clustered structure is transmitted to the “adjacent” water, and because hydrogen bonds immediately activate neighbouring particles, whole water “crystallises” in the liquid state.


Quantum state of water in the nano scale.

Researchers from the University of Houston (USA) conducted an interesting experiment a few years ago. They trapped water in carbon nanotubes and researched its properties, especially the behaviour of protons, bombarding water in nanotubes with a neutron stream. It turned out that protons in these conditions behave differently from protons in the macro scale. The type of network that they created was decidedly different, and because living organisms very often are encapsulated in nanostructures, this can explain its specific behaviour inside living organisms. An example of this can be the passage of water through the ion channels of cell membranes. The scale of flow through these channels cannot be explained using the known models of fluid mechanics. It can turn out that this different quantum state will be an explanation.


How is it connected with and is relevant for the reference water-based products?

Well, everything indicates that our products based on standard model water shift the state of balance towards ortho-clusters. In other words, water, after passing through the devices in the Living Water Technology, has a huge advantage (today, in terms of the researches of the Russian researchers, we can assume that in 100%) – the ortho molecules, and thus, it can create densier structures. This process would explain the different behaviour of living water.

It is a better solvent, and this is easily explained, because “densier” structures have a stronger magnetic field, responsible for the ability to dissolve.

It perfectly affects living organisms ranging from plants to people. This interaction can be explained by the behaviour of water on the nano scale, because if we provide the body with water with the majority of ortho-clusters, then again its quantum state will be different. The electronic network that its molecules will create will further increase the flow through the ion channels of the cell membranes. We can assume that the saturation of the body with such water will be definitely better for it than with “ordinary” water. Such a theory, moreover, perfectly explains the experimentally visible advantages of water using the Living Water Technology.

Water from a glass versus the same water from an active mug or placed on an active stand in the Living Water Technology. We assume that water in the tap is of very poor quality.



Po lewej stronie woda ze zwykłej szklanki, po prawej stronie woda z aktywnego kubka


Water from a glass

  1. Scale will stay in the kidneys.
  2. PH will be the same as water.
  3. Redox will be the same as water.
  4. Toxins will remain in the liver.
  5. Taste of water is heavy.

Woda z Aktywnego Kubka

  1. Scale will be dissolved and expelled from the body.
  2. PH will be set to the level needed in the body at any given time.
  3. Redox will exactly adjust to the body.
  4. Toxins will be washed out of the body.
  5. Taste of water is soft, velvety.


Please note that we are talking here about a completely new quality of water, which has the ability to set itself in the human body at a given moment, dissolve scale and wash away toxins.

We are talking here about the fundamental improvement of water quality; we are talking about Living Water.

Please note

Diamond and carbon are the same chemical formula C, and two very different substances!

Dead water and living water, chemical formula H2O, and two very different substances!


Photographs for comparison:



Cress – incorrectly made test, (both containers were in one room, due to the humidity of the air of approximately 50-70%, living water treated tap water in the container next to it), yet large differences in growth are visible.

Living water has precipitated CO2 (bubbles visible on the walls of the glass), tap water as you can see does not precipitate CO2 (this can be felt during the taste test of water).


Flower cultivated for 7 years has never bloomed, after watering for approximately 1 month with living water, it has bloomed for the first time. Photo: Russia, Moscow.



Frequently asked questions and answers

What is this?

We present devices for restoring the natural structure of water and these are not filters.

We present the Active Mug and Water Activator with the model water: it is new.

Active Mug: if you pour water from a tap or other water-based liquid (juice, milk, etc.), the natural structure will be restored within 5 seconds in the Mug (photo from the leaflet: tap water and water after placing in the mug or activator), which is also palatable (suggest a sample of water).

Taste test of water:

We pour water from the bottle (still water) into the glass and into the mug, then we provide to try first the water in the glass from the bottle, then the water from the mug, we pour into the glass, wait for the reaction if it is not there or it is too weak again pour the water from the bottle the other side (9 out of 10 people see the differences).

Feels of customers: Water immediately loses gas, it becomes velvety and delicate, customers often say it is softer, in the case of juice the taste is less spicy, more emphasized, also velvety, wine changes its taste to a subtler one. The same occurs in terms of coffee (loses bitterness, gets more delicate) and tea.

Pay attention to the difference: crystal of tap water – no structure and crystal of active water (leaflet).

What you can feel in the taste involves the setting of water clusters in a hexagonal arrangement, but this is the smallest advantage of this water. From that moment, water acquires all values, mainly health, for our body: (described in the leaflet).

The crystal presented on the mug and activator is the original photo of the model water, which we use to produce the devices, made in the Masaru Emoto laboratory.

It can happen that 1 out of 10 people does not feel differences This is often associated with disturbances in taste buds or the consumption of previously sharp foods or gum chewing, which of course does not mean that the mug does not work. The presented taste feelings are only 1% of what happens to water, which will restore the natural structure.

Water with a correct structure is an extremely effective solvent, which causes, inter alia, dissolving scale in water installations and in a kettle, and in the case of herbs brewing, the difference in the extract is very large. Tap water (without activator) allows to get 5% of extract, and mug water or activator water allows to get 95% of extract.

An equally important element is the huge saving of energy used to heat up active water. We have research from the laboratory at the CHP plant, which shows that “ordinary” water heats up 34.7% more slowly than living water! (test report).

Water with the restored structure can be called living, active, original.

(The quantum properties of water in the body on the nano scale are found in the ion channels of the cell membranes) laboratory ion channels are Nano tubes into which water gets, where the hexagonal system is changed, ortho-clusters and para-clusters are aligned in series, then water has quantum properties and, for example, does not freeze at -260°C.

How does it work? simple version

The mug is built like a thermos. It has double walls, between which there is the so-called model water – very simplifying – the water that we would get when going to Antarctica, drilling a hole of 3 km depth and extracting water from there.

The model water acts through the walls of the mug, transferring the power matrix to water in the mug or flowing through the activator. In this way, the water in the mug acquires the proper original structure.

How does it work? more extensive version (for selected customers)

At 30-45°C, the water structure becomes so flexible that water molecules can form different compositions. This temperature is reached by the water found in warm-blooded organisms (including the human body), which ensures their proper functioning.

The same happens with the water in our body and tap water, which, before reaching our apartments, is subjected to the process of purification and “chemical” treatment, destroying its natural structure. This is why tap water forms no crystals when freezing, but clumps into shapeless clusters.

The water activator, commonly referred to as the “Active Water”, would not have been used 150 years ago due to the fact that water had the original structure that was not destroyed by a human.

The research shows that up to 99% of the whole drinking water supply in the world has a disturbed or damaged structure The Living Water Technology is the answer to this situation.

The Living Water Technology The Active Mug/ Activator is a maintenance-free device that does not require additional power supply. It uses the influence of the model water on the water flowing through it, restoring its original molecular structure in the hexagonal system.

Where have you got this water from?

This is the secret of our company.

How to check if the mug works? Self-testing (description below)

  1. A human is as much as 74% water, the brain is as much as 95% water, the cycle of water exchange in the body lasts approximately 9 days when drinking only active water. There is no organism on this planet that would not react to such a change (diarrhoea can occur), due to the fact that the body begins to purify itself.
  2. An interesting attempt is watering flowers; nature responds well with living water.

Flowers that have not bloomed for 7 years, bloom after watering with the mug water (show a photo of a cactus, photos from vineyards, photos of cress).

  1. Washing machine, pour much less powder (30-50%) and 4 mugs of Active water, pour a powder drawer, it will wash the same as with a large amount of detergent. Here, we will use the very high dissolution force of living water.
  2. Let us give a dog two bowls with water, it will always choose the one with living water.

Why does water have a damaged structure?

The cycle of water in nature lasts 60 years, a glass of water poured onto a lawn today will flow out in a deep well in 60 years’ time. We have 180 years of industry behind us, meaning water is in the 3rd cycle. Each time, it was on the surface of the ground, it got somewhere on field fertilizers, sewage treatment plant (mechanical and chemical), it was transported by pipes, and as a result, it lost its structure every time to the present state. Drinking water on our planet is approximately 0.3%, and water with a natural undisturbed structure is almost 5% of drinking water. Today, 95% of water on the entire planet is disturbed.

What is the water activator?

The mug we presented by us is the Living Water Technology in the mini version. It has been produced so that everyone could see if it works without spending a lot of money. The water activator is a professional device installed in the water system. Thanks to this, living water in any amounts flows in the entire facility (e.g. home). We assemble such devices in bakeries, companies, wherever water is.

Does water frozen in the refrigerator have a structure? (very common question)

For many years, there has been a myth on the Internet that it is enough to freeze water in the freezer to restore its structure. Nothing is more wrong! Water frozen in the refrigerator has a structure like water that has been frozen, i.e. a chance of approximately 1% is that its structure is not disturbed. Freezing of water itself does not restore its structure, and only in the case of laboratory tests, it shows the structure before freezing. The tests of Masaru Emoto water crystals.

How long does it take to keep water in the active mug and how long does the water from it work?

After pouring water into the Active mug, the structure is repaired within 5 seconds, and all its other properties return within 3 minutes. After pouring water out of the mug, the properties of living water persist: after 14 hours 98%, after 24 hours 85%, after 48 hours 75% after 6 days 64%, after 16 days 37%.

PH of water, i.e. acidity or alkalinity of water and Redox

It is assumed that for aqueous solutions, pH is in the range of 0-14, for acidic solutions – pH<7, for alkaline solutions – pH> 7, for neutral solutions pH=7. Usually, surface waters have pH in the range of 6.5-8.5, which corresponds to the requirements for drinking water.

PH in the case of active water is not important, because it adapts to the needs of our body, and will get as much alkaline or acid ions as possible from water to restore the balance. Our water restores the balance, and that is what water is about, whether it is alkaline or acidic.

The same applies to the Redox potential. We talk about it in the context of restoring the body’s acid-base balance. It does not matter what the potential of redox in active water is, because for the body, the ability to take or give away water to electrons, and thus restore the balance, is much more important. The negative potential of redox water specifies the excess of electrons to be taken. In our water, we do not need to determine the potential, because we do not provide the body with artificial electrons, only water “cooperating” with us restores the acid-alkaline balance, that is, pH of the whole body is at the level that suits it. In other words, the body working with water has needed pH, and it can be different for everyone. This is the advantage of active water that suits individual needs.

What about toxins in water?

As we have already written, living water has many amazing features. In addition to the fact that it relieves us in the selection of pH or the redox potential, it can remove toxins from the body. This mechanism is not fully understood, but it can result from the ability of active water to self-cleanse. Just as it can remove gas, it can neutralize all compounds foreign to water and our body. For this reason, our body can function much better, we do not lose energy to fight poisons, we can keep our youth and fitness for longer.

The active mug is not a filter

The mug changes the water structure to the most beneficial hexagonal structure for us, but it does not filter and does not clean water. In the case of mechanical impurities, any two or three element simple carbon and mechanical filter can be used.

DNA replication

Please note the water plasticity, for example tap water poured out of some vessel with a free jet is tearing, the same water poured with a trickle through the Active mug/ activator is compact and leaky with an even jet.

Water plasticity

Please note the water plasticity, for example tap water poured out of some vessel with a free jet is tearing, the same water poured with a trickle through the Active mug/ activator is not tearing, is compact and leaky with an even jet.

How to do the test by yourself

An attempt to grow plants. Fill straw in a glass container with cress or radishes seeds (2 x 100 grains). It is very important to separate the containers into other rooms, one should be watered with living water and the other one with tap water. After a few days (although the first observations after 24 h), you can observe a difference in growth.

Taste test of wine or beer. Pour beer into a glass and into the Active mug, after a few minutes, pour into a glass. Observation: beer from the mug will precipitate gas, it will become more clear, the taste will be more essential and (depending on the species) without bitterness. In the case of wine, it will become milder, subtle and velvety (the worse the wine or beer is, the more the difference will be observed). For connoisseurs of wine: pour wine into the mug for 24 hours (the wine ripening process will be accelerated).

Attempt to extend durability. Pour natural milk (not UHT!) into a glass and into the Active mug, after a few minutes you can pour milk from the mug into another dish. Put both containers in the fridge. The milk that was in the active mug will fall off a few days later.

Another information!

When using active water for cooking vegetables (including potatoes), soups, sauces reduce the dosage of salt and other seasoning of approximately 30%.

After bathing in active water, moisturising creams are usually not needed. The body is flexible and moisturised in a natural way.

Boiling water in kettles. When using active water, scale that is usually in water will be dissolved.

We can drink, for example, very stony water from the mug. Due to the fact that living water dissolves scale, if we drink it, it will be washed away in urine and will not be deposited in the kidneys.


The guarantee for the technology is lifelong, for the mug – 2 years, for the activator – 5 years; if the mug and the activator has not been mechanically damaged and unsealed, they will work lifelong.

For the curious!

The Living Water Technology was developed in Poland using the researches of Masaru Emoto from Japan, with whom we worked directly. He was one of the greatest authorities in terms of water.

All HarmonyH2O products are produced in Poland and made of certified stainless steel.



The influence of drinking structured water on various ailments and diseases and its other advantages according to prof. Mu Shik Jhon:

  • improvement of the ability to carry oxygen and nutrients to cells and removing waste substances from them,
  • improvement of oxygenation of blood,
  • stabilization of heart function,
  • prevention of errors during DNA replication, because unstructured water increases the possibility of such errors leading to the formation of divisions of cells conducive to the formation of cancer,
  • hexagonal water is the main source of energy for all organs – it is particularly important for ensuring high efficiency and physical fitness when carrying out heavy physical works or practising competitive sports,
  • improvement of the absorption of nutrients,
  • increasing the power of the immune system,
  • improvement of hydration, that is, surrounding the substances by water molecules, and thus better dissolution and absorption of these substances into the body,
  • increase the body’s resistance to diseases, because most diseases are associated with chronic dehydration,
  • counteracting skin dryness, acne, psoriasis, wrinkles,
  • counteracting constipation and improving cleansing of the large intestine from deposits by better dissolving and washing out,
  • counteracting the formation of “bad” LDL cholesterol and the deposition of its oxidation products on the walls of blood vessels (cholesterol problems arise to a large extent on the basis of latent dehydration of the body),
  • reduction of high cholesterol and high blood pressure,
  • most probably one of the most important factors favouring weight reduction (counteracting obesity); every slimming program should be based on drinking structured water,
  • lack of supply of the body with hexagonal water contributes to the increase of fat tissue and to its transformation into a tank of toxins and acidic waste leading to the formation of cellulite,
  • improvement of the process of cleansing the liver, blood and kidneys,
  • counteracting fatigue by providing additional energy,
  • dissolving and removing salt excess from the body,
  • improvement of health in diabetics and reducing the need for insulin,
  • prevention of allergy and asthma – regular and frequent drinking of hexagonal water should be the basic duty of allergy sufferers and asthmatics,
  • counteracting stress by reducing emotional tension,
  • improvement of pH of the blood and all of its organs (regulation of the acid-alkaline management of the body).